Change naming rules for 1 specific show

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Change naming rules for 1 specific show

Post by stpgod » 18 Jan 2019, 18:46

First of all, thanks to rednoah for creating this amazing tool!

I use it to rename shows recorded in MCE and move to a Plex location. It works beautifully 90% of the time, the biggest issue I run into is with a show that's been on for a very long time like People's Court (yes, I know....)

It has trouble finding the episode names for shows that have thousands of episode, and it usually ends up using the same title for the episode as the one already there. I don't know how it arrives at its conclusion, but it seems like every day it calls the episode S19E21 or something like that.

I use the AMC script to just scan my recorded TV directory and move the files to Plex, is there a way to specify that if the name begins with People to give it an ascending number or something so it doesn't conflict? I don't care about the actual episode names for that show, they can just be names Peoples Court 1, Peoples Court 2, etc....

Poor taste in TV shows aside, any hints on how to correct the situation? I've combed the forums, but can't really find the same scenario...

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Re: Change naming rules for 1 specific show

Post by rednoah » 18 Jan 2019, 19:22

Can you provide sample file paths or amc script logs?

Depending on the logs and the root cause of the issue, there are a variety of possible solutions and workarounds. Maybe --def ignore=People.s.Court will do the trick? (i.e. tell the amc script to exclude any files that contain People's Court from regular processing)

Presumably, People's Court releases new episodes regularly, so the age filter method described in the Advanced Fine-Tuning section of the amc script manual should make sure that you always get the correct match. (i.e. the most recently aired one)
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