TV shows not identified

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TV shows not identified

Post by warrencalvert » 01 Feb 2019, 19:09


I'm having issues with TV shows not being identified - it seems to be affecting most if not all recorded TV shows.

I'm recording TV shows using DVB Viewer which writes all recordings to a single folder so both movies and TV shows are in the same folder. Not ideal I know but there's no other option. Each recording is saved in its own subfolder though.

To give you one example, the TV show named 'Match of the Day' is saved as "\media\Match of the Day\Match of the Day.ts"
To troubleshoot I've run this through the GUI and with strict matching it fails to find a match, with opportunistic it gives a list of shows one of which is exactly called 'Match of the Day'.

I have similar problems with almost all recordings that are not movies.

Any idea how I can get this to correctly identify them?


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Re: TV shows not identified

Post by rednoah » 02 Feb 2019, 02:45

If the file name is just the series name, then there's no way to know which episode this particular episode might be:

Code: Select all

Match of the Day.ts

If you're using the GUI, then manual matching is your friend:

If you're using the CLI, then you can use the --q and --filter options to help FileBot narrow down which series / episode you might want:

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$ filebot -rename "Match of the Day.ts" --db TheTVDB -non-strict --q "Match of the Day" --filter "age < 3" --action TEST
Rename episodes using [TheTVDB]
Fetching episode data for [Match of the Day]
Apply filter [age < 3] on [613] items
Include [Match of the Day - 2018x30 - MOTD - 2nd February 2019]
[TEST] from [Match of the Day.ts] to [Match of the Day - 2018x30 - MOTD - 2nd February 2019.ts]

If you record files on the official airdate, then you could pre-process the files to just add the airdate, and then process as usual in a second pass:

Code: Select all

$ filebot -rename "Match of the Day.ts" --db FILE --format '{fn} [{d}]' --action TEST
Rename files using [Plain File]
[TEST] from [Match of the Day.ts] to [Match of the Day [2019-01-31].ts]
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