excluding some names from scheme

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excluding some names from scheme

Post by fireheart2008 » 13 Feb 2019, 10:17

I want to exclude certain movies from the naming scheme in 2 levels of directory
i've managed to do so by using the 3ry operator {n=~/movie1|movie2|movie9/ ? : } but this [long] line ends up repeated as the argument is different. it's working fine but I think it may be shortened

can i store the names in some variable or something then the second line i don't write it again?
or even better can i put these names in text file to be looked up by the code?

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Re: excluding some names from scheme

Post by rednoah » 13 Feb 2019, 15:07

Yes, and Yes.


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Movies/{n in readLines('/path/to/certain-movies.txt') ? plex.name : plex.tail}
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