Certain Delay (Cache?) after TMDB content updated

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Certain Delay (Cache?) after TMDB content updated

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I'm using filebot 4.8.5. When I found some movie or episode missing on my regular data source - TMDB, I choose to update them on TMDB and try to retrieve it again. However, in most of the tries, I found the information is not ready somehow to filebot to get. I even tried to clear cache but still not working.

Any idea why? or anything I can do to force filebot to retrieve the latest information?
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Re: Certain Delay (Cache?) after TMDB content updated

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If you run filebot -clear-cache then there's definitely no cached values left on the client-side. But there's probably lots of caching on the edge and on the server-side as well. I'd give it a day or two.
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