Movie matching fails with .nfo files

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Movie matching fails with .nfo files

Post by vcroman »

I downloaded a torrent that contained 4 movies in a series. Within this torrent there was a .nfo file that was named after the first movie but none of the other movies had .nfo files with them. When i tried to use filebot to rename the movies it wanted to rename all of them as if they were the first movie (ie the one with the .nfo file). I tried switching between the different databases and holding shift in the hopes it would prompt me but nothing worked. After some frustration i just deleted the .nfo file and tried again then it worked... all the movies were matching correctly. I was NOT including the .nfo file in the list of files to rename, yet somehow, It appears that it was still affecting the matching process.

Just thought you should know about this behavior and hopefully you guys can fix it.

Thanks for all the hard work in making filebot it's awesome!
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Re: Movie matching fails with .nfo files

Post by rednoah »

.nfo should only be absolute if .nfo filename and movie filename match each other, otherwise it's just one of the options, alongside results from other lookup methods.

Please send me all the filepaths so I can have a look.

EDIT: Works with my testdata:

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E:\testdata>filebot -rename "The Bourne Trilogy" -non-strict --log info --action test
[TEST] Rename [E:\testdata\The Bourne Trilogy\The Bourne Supremacy.avi] to [The Bourne Supremacy (2004).avi]
[TEST] Rename [E:\testdata\The Bourne Trilogy\The Bourne Ultimatum.nfo] to [The Bourne Ultimatum (2007).nfo]
[TEST] Rename [E:\testdata\The Bourne Trilogy\The Bourne Ultimatum.avi] to [The Bourne Ultimatum (2007).avi]
[TEST] Rename [E:\testdata\The Bourne Trilogy\The Bourne Identity.avi] to [The Bourne Identity (2002).avi]
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