Feature Request: Episodes interface improvement

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Feature Request: Episodes interface improvement

Post by DavidRTurner »

In the GUI, on the Episodes tab: The 'close' icon (red 'x') is at the top-right corner. It's tiny!!!!
I often do a number of episode checks on different shows, which opens new tabs each show, but when I want to close them, it's tricky to accurately click on the 'x' as I have to move the cursor left or right each time.

If moved to the top-left corner, I could keep the cursor in one spot & just multiple-click them closed.
Maybe make the 'x' a bit bigger, too?

Perhaps also add a 'close all tabs' option as well?
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Re: Feature Request: Episodes interface improvement

Post by rednoah »

I don't really have an opinion on this one. If this is a problem for other people as well I'll see if I can find large icons as replacement.

FileBot doesn't remember open tabs anyway, so you can just open new ones until you're done and once you close FileBot those tabs will be gone and forgotten.
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