Utorrent Script for Filebot no longer loads Filebot

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Utorrent Script for Filebot no longer loads Filebot

Post by sjboyd891 »

I've had this problem where periodically the script in the Filebot process would stop working. No explanation. The process would still run on the utorrent side (it would show up in the log) but nothing would show up in the Filebot AMC log. Any idea why it would periodically stop doing it?

Also, as of yesterday, it may have stopped doing it altogether. Because normally after a full computer restart it started working again, but yesterday even that didn't work. My script hasn't changed at all, nor have I update utorrent or filebot during this timeframe.

I just want it to work and continue working consistently. I also have a good indicator of when it's working because I have it send me an email.

Would it work more consistently if I had a direct path to the filebot load file in my script?

Of note is that my script works fine in just the cmd line. That's the only thing that will work.

utorrent script:

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filebot -script fn:amc --output "M:\MEDIA" --log-file amc.log --action copy --conflict override -non-strict --def music=n subtitles=n artwork=n gmail=xxxxxxxx:xxxxxxxx [email protected] "ut_dir=%D" "ut_file=%F" "ut_kind=%K" "ut_title=%N" "ut_label=%L" "ut_state=%S"
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Re: Utorrent Script for Filebot no longer loads Filebot

Post by rednoah »

They only reason I can think of why I'd block is that by default its running with --log-lock true so parallel filebots don't interfere with each other and get queued. Though should be able to deadlock like u said. Just sequentialize filebot instances.

Try --log-lock false and see if that makes a difference.
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