Place TVDB episode ID into each filename

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Place TVDB episode ID into each filename

Post by djizle »

hello, i was curious if by any chance you would be able to add the ability to place the TVDB Episode ID number into the filename. i would rather use that ID than the CRC32 as once i reencode a file that CRC is useless. you can already do it for movies and i always get 100% scraping results that way so i was hoping i could do the same for my tv shows & anime.

if there is currently a way to do this i would be greatly pleased with any help that could be provided.


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Re: Place TVDB episode ID into each filename

Post by rednoah »

What are you trying to achieve? If you have extended attributes supported and enabled it'll already dump the object model as json string into xattr fields.

Code: Select all

filebot -script fn:xattr "Firefly - 1x01 - The Train Job.mkv"

Code: Select all

D:\workspace\testdata\AMC-TEST\Firefly - 1x01 - The Train Job.mkv
	filename: firefly.101.mkv
	metadata: {"@type":"net.sourceforge.filebot.web.Episode","seriesName":"Firefly","seriesStartDate":{"year":2002,"month":9,"day":20},"season":1,"episode":1,"title":"The Train Job","absolute":2,"special":null,"airdate":{"year":2002,"month":9,"day":20},"series":{"@type":"net.sourceforge.filebot.web.TheTVDBSearchResult","seriesId":78874,"name":"Firefly"}}
@see ... &t=5#p5394

EDIT: In layman terms, filebot is storing all info for later reference regardless of the filename.
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