write xattr data to .nfo file when -no-xattr is enabled

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write xattr data to .nfo file when -no-xattr is enabled

Post by howdymilsap »

My environment doesn't support xattr, but I'd still like to save that information if possible since there are so many advantages to having the xattr data.

Are there any options in the current version for doing so? Could this be written to the .nfo instead or some other file?
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Re: write xattr data to .nfo file when -no-xattr is enabled

Post by rednoah »

Unfortunately, xattr only works with filesystem xattr support.

It's conceivable that you use -exec or --def exec (if you're using the amc script) to store xattr manually somehow for your own reference, though there would be no support within FileBot to refer to your custom companion files.


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--def exec="echo {quote json} | tee -a {quote f}.xattr"
:idea: This is a Linux command template. {json} is a normal format variable that will give us the metadata object as json text. {f} is the file path, and we add .xattr to make sure we don't override our newly processed video file.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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