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FileBot 4.9

Posted: 16 Mar 2020, 13:33
by rednoah
FileBot 4.9.1
• Added Edit Format / Edit Match / Edit Name context menu
• Added Smart Mode: Attributes matcher (i.e. xattr / exif / id3 / atom)
• Use F2 shortcut for Plain File Mode
• Use F3 shortcut for Local Xattr Mode
• Enable selected post-processing features via Filter ➔ Attributes ➔ Apply
• Enable clone (on macOS / apfs) and reflink (on Linux / btrfs) by default for all COPY operations
• Enhanced Selection Dialog with thumbnails and tooltips
• Enhanced Conflict Dialog with detailed explanations
• Enhanced manual search to support both search by name and lookup by id
• Improved support for mapping episode information between different databases and numbering schemes (e.g. via AnimeList or XEM)
• Added {db} dynamic binding (e.g. map between TheTVDB and AniDB episode objects)
• Added {vs} standard media {source} tag
• Enhance {primaryTitle} to yield AniDB x-jat (romanized Japanese) series name for TheTVDB episode objects
• Enhance {hours} to use Ratio (U+2236) instead of Colon (U+003A)
• Added {historic} binding for looking up the original file path of {f} (e.g. useful for -exec post-processing commands)
• Evaluate {closures} automatically in constructs (e.g. {"[" + {n} + " " + {s00e00} + "]"})
• Improved -mediainfo -exec pipeline
• Added -no-probe option to disable media parser (e.g. match files without reading file contents)
• Added -no-index option to disable local media indices (i.e. improved support for low-memory devices)
• Added -no-history and -clear-history options
• Support dynamic code evaluation via include and evaluate
• Support @file.groovy syntax in Format Editor and Preset Editor (e.g. @/path/to/MyFormat.groovy)
• Added --apply option (e.g. --apply artwork nfo url metadata)
• Added --mapper option (e.g. --mapper AnimeList.AniDB)
• Allow *.groovy files as argument value for --format, --filter, --mapper and --file-filter options (e.g. --format /path/to/MyFormat.groovy)
• Support movie hash lookup via --db OpenSubtitles
• Support -r and --file-filter for -script calls (i.e. select files before calling the script)
• Support bash_completion


FileBot 4.9.2

Posted: 29 Sep 2020, 05:56
by rednoah
FileBot 4.9.2
• Enable Dark Mode by default on Windows and macOS (depending on system settings)
• Enhanced Progress Monitor and Dialog UI
• Enhanced native Desktop integration
• Enhanced configuration options for Presets
• Improved support for Export and Restore of User Data
• Improved support for multi-monitor environments
• Restore window bounds and window state on startup (and actively prevent off-screen windows)
• Added {decade} convenience binding (e.g. 1970)
• Added {anime} boolean binding (i.e. best guess based on database, genre, language, country, etc)
• Improved support for 3-digit and 4-digit season numbers
• Improved support for DE-ASCII transliteration (e.g. ÄäÖöÜüß)
• Enhanced file path validation on Linux (e.g. GVFS)
• Enhanced xattr and crc32 in-memory cache invalidation
• Optimize History write operations
• Added -d option (i.e. Folder Mode)
• Added -revert command default behaviour (i.e. revert most recent -rename operation)
• Enhanced --q query expressions
• Enhanced --mapper capabilities
• Improved support for --mode interactive on Windows
• Improved support for @files (e.g. BOM)
• Improved support for hardlink deduplication
• Added support for macOS Big Sur


FileBot 4.9.2 (r8046)
• Fix regression issue where FileBot would incorrectly skip manual user input in Movie Mode thus skip processing of badly named files in certain corner cases
• Fix regression issue where FileBot would incorrectly allow cache collisions between TheMovieDB and TheMovieDB::TV search results in certain corner cases

Known Issues:
TheMovieDB::TV prefers the Original Name field for {n} and thus ignores the user-defined language preferences in cases where Name and Original Name are not one and the same (fixed with r8090)
Keyboard shortcuts (configured for Presets) may trigger in unrelated input dialogs when entering numbers (fixed withFileBot r8096)
MediaInfo bindings do not work out of the box on some devices (e.g. Raspberry Pi) when FileBot was installed via apt (see workaround)

FileBot 4.9.3

Posted: 16 Feb 2021, 05:31
by rednoah
FileBot 4.9.3
• Enhanced Dark Mode on Windows and macOS
• Enhanced FileDialog implementation on Windows
• Enhanced Progress Monitor for long-running post-process operations
• Adaptive cache update and flush
• Added {} and {info.status} extended metadata bindings
• Added {files} binding to list directory contents and archive contents
• Enhanced --apply prune to delete only truly empty folders (i.e. no hidden files)
• Enhanced --apply tag to support cover artwork attachments
• Enhanced --apply cover and --apply artwork selection order
• Added support for .heic image files
• Reduced image size and memory usage
• Support for Synology DSM 7.0

FileBot 4.9.3 (r8340)
• Fix regression issues (1, 2)

Known Issues:
• FileBot sometimes freezes during DnD on Windows due to JDK-8262446

FileBot 4.9.4

Posted: 28 Jul 2021, 06:39
by rednoah
FileBot 4.9.4
• Support find-as-you-type in Edit Match
• Toggle Match Details view via F6 keyboard shortcut
• Improved grouping and sorting for custom Presets
• Added {drive} drive letter / network share / mount point binding
• Added {vbr} video bitrate and {abr} audio bitrate bindings
• Added {vcf} video compression format and {ar} aspect ratio bindings
• Added {country} production country binding
• Enhanced and more versatile {plex}, {kodi} and {emby} bindings
• Use smart unit types for {bitrate}, {bytes}, {fps}, {af} and {channels} bindings
• Added -find -exec command
• Support for adding Finder tags on macOS via --apply finder
• Support for transcoding subtitle files to SRT / UTF-8 via --apply srt
• Support --db TheMovieDB in -list -rename commands
• Support Virtual Terminal Sequences on Windows 10
• Support Remote Desktop via filebot-xpra docker container
• Support for Synology DSM 7.0 and Synology DSM 6.2.4
• Support Java 16


FileBot 4.9.5

Posted: 22 Feb 2022, 09:21
by rednoah
FileBot 4.9.5
• Added Open / Reveal / Rename / Move to Trash / Set Attributes context menu
• Added autofill behaviour to Edit Match and Edit Name
• Added {sn} season name binding
• Added {mediaTags} embedded media tags binding
• Added {certification} and {info.certifications} bindings for TheMovieDB episode information
• Added Media table to Match Details view
• Improved Conflict resolution messages
• Improved support for {} style file paths
• Experimental support for TheTVDBv4
• Enhanced FileDialog implementation on Linux
• Support for updating the Last-Modified time stamp via --apply touch
• Support -- stop option parser convention
• Support Open With menu on macOS
• Support Apple Silicon
• Support Java 17

FileBot 4.9.6
• Fix NFO movie lookup issues (1)
• Fix SFV file export issues (2)

FileBot 4.9.7
• Fix Mac App Store sandbox permission issues (3)

Image Image


Known Issues:
unrar integration is broken on Synology DSM and QNAP QTS. Please upgrade to FileBot r9126 or higher (see Latest Beta Revisions) if you need unrar support.