[DOCS] Keyboard Shortcuts

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[DOCS] Keyboard Shortcuts

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SHIFT+CLICK <database> ... Force manual query input (i.e. skip movie / series auto-detection)
CTRL+CLICK <Load> ... Add the selected file paths (i.e. Add-Drop files)
SHIFT+CLICK <Load> ... Load selected folder paths as Folder items (i.e. Link-Drop files)
SHIFT+CLICK <Edit Match | Edit Name> ... Disable column auto-fill (i.e. edit the currently selected item but not subsequent items)
SHIFT+CLICK <Clear All> ... Clear Original Files but retain New Names items
SHIFT+CLICK <Rename> ... Select / Renew / Upgrade License Key
SHIFT+CLICK <Presets> ... Reveal Default Presets
DELETE ... Remove Row
SHIFT+DELETE ... Remove Cell
CTRL+O ... Open File
CTRL+L ... Locate and Reveal File
CTRL+M ... Edit Match
CTRL+N ... Edit Name
F2 ... Edit Name / auto-fill File matches for Plain File Mode (if New Names is empty)
F3 ... Edit Match / auto-fill Episode and Movie matches from Extended Attributes (if New Names is empty)
F5 ... Reveal System Information and Advanced Application Settings
F6 ... Toggle Match Details View
F7 ... Copy Match Details to Clipboard
CTRL+SHIFT+DEL ... Clear recently used active caches

Selection Dialog

A-Z ... Start find-as-you-type (case-insensitive; SPACE matches all non-word characters)
LEFT ARROW ... Select previous find-as-you-type match
RIGHT ARROW ... Select next find-as-you-type match
ENTER ... Confirm Selection
ESCAPE ... Cancel Selection

Conflicts Dialog

SHIFT+CLICK <Continue> ... Force overwrite irregardless of video quality (see Optimizations for Remote File Systems for details)


ENTER ... Submit search query
CTRL+W ... Close current tab

Format Editor

SHIFT+CLICK <Recent Formats> ... Reveal Icon Clear recent formats menu item (requires FileBot r10192)
SHIFT+CLICK <Change Folder> ... Select external @format.groovy file
F1 ... Toggle Help View
CTRL+Z ... Undo
CTRL+Y ... Redo

Script Editor

F5 or CTRL+R ... Run

Debug Console

F5 or CTRL+R ... Run

:idea: The CTRL | META | OPTION modifier keys and the SHIFT | ALT | COMMAND modifiers keys are used interchangeably to ensure keyboard shortcut compatibility across all Windows, macOS and Linux Desktop environments.

:idea: The F1, F2, F3, F5, F6, F7 function keys are on the top row of your keyboard. You may need to hold the FN modifier key to access them. Please read Use keyboard function keys on Mac for details.

:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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