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Rename Folders

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How do I organize files into a nice file and folder structure?

Please configure {plex} as your preferred file and folder naming scheme via Double-Click <New Names> item ➔ Icon Edit Format. That will ensure that all your files are organized into a nice file and folder structure. New folders are created as needed and left behind empty folders are deleted.

:arrow: Please read FAQ #1 for details.

:arrow: Please read Companion Files for details on how to copy along companion files such as artwork and extras.


How do I literally just rename folders?

If you want to literally just rename folders (as opposed to organizing the files inside) then you can use Folder Mode. In Folder Mode, each Folder item is treated as if it was a File item. A Folder item is processed as a single unit, just like a single file. The folder content is not touched, just like the file content.

:idea: You can use Folder Mode by holding the Link-Drop modifier (i.e. Ctrl+Shift+Drop on Windows, or Option+Shift+Drop on macOS) when dropping files. If you Link-Drop a folder, then that folder will be added to the list as a single item, thus allowing you to process a folder as a single item as if it was a single file. Alternatively, you can also use SHIFT-CLICK <Load> to load folders as Folder items.


:idea: The -d option can be used to pass in Folder items via command-line arguments:

Console Output: Select all

$ filebot -rename -d * --db TheMovieDB -non-strict --format "{ }"
[MOVE] from [Avatar] to [Avatar (2009) {tmdb-19995}]

:!: You can only rename Movie / Episode folders, just like you can only rename Movie / Episode files. You cannot use Episode Mode to rename Series folders or Season folders. You can rename folders such as Avatar.2009 (Movie) or Alias.1x01 (Episode) but you cannot rename folders such as Alias (Series) or Season 1 (Season). You can however use Plain File Mode to rewrite any file name or file path. See Rename Series Folders for details.

:!: If you are organizing Movie folders in Folder Mode for {plex} then you will need to modify your format to generate movie folder names:

Format: Select all

{ ny }

Format: Select all

{ }
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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