FileBot 2.4 is out!~

Release notes and future plans
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FileBot 2.4 is out!~

Post by rednoah » 06 Jan 2012, 12:30

FileBot 2.4 is out!~

New features:
* Extreme-Makeover for Movie auto-detection (It actually works now!)
* More accurate and robust episode/file matching
* Support movie/series detection via imdbid/tvdbid from nfo files
* Update notifications when future versions are released
* Greatly reduced initial startup time of the Java WebStart app (by using lazy-loading)
* New portable distribution in download section
* Java 6 (Mac!) support for move/renaming files accross different volumes/filesystems

Noteworthy Scripts:
With this release I wanna highlight the scripting capabilities that are part of the FileBot CLI. Check out these scripts!~

+Fetch Banners and Artwork for TV Shows from TheTVDB:
=> ... 4&t=5#p204

+Fetch Posters and Artwork for Movies from TheMovieDB:
=> ... 4&t=5#p205

+Watch folders and automatically organize files:
=> ... 4&t=5#p132

+Sort out recent downloads. Extract archives, organize episodes/movies into folders, request XBMC library rescan (something like SortTV I guess)
=> ... =4&t=5#p52

+Create CSV file (Excel/Calc) for all your media files including columns for info like resolution, audio/video codecs, etc
=> ... =4&t=5#p53

More info here:
My (very excellent) support depends on Windows Store and Mac App Store sales and Patreon support. Paying users, donors and everyone who contributes to FileBot in one way or another will get the very best support.

:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.

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