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FileBot 4.7

Posted: 02 May 2016, 10:50
by rednoah
FileBot 4.7 is out! Get it here!

This is a new major release brings lots of improvements in almost all aspects. Lots of new features! Lots of new bindings! Lots of internal performance improvements!

Smart Mode for handling Movies, TV Shows, Anime and Music all at once
• Improved movie / episode auto-detection
• Support for TheMovieDB in Episode Mode
• Support for Renaming Folders (i.e. auto-delete left-behind empty folders)
• Resolve relative formats against the Media root folder (instead of the parent folder)
Send To context menu for Episodes / Filter / List panels
• Improved Filter tools and List tool
• Fix various OpenSubtitles Search/Download and Upload issues
• Fix various TheTVDB / AniDB / TVMaze issues
• Fix various multi-episode detection issues
• Fix various ID3 Tags lookup issues
• Fix various UI/UX issues
• Performance and caching improvements
• Improved logging and error messages
• Plex Naming Standard binding {plex}
• Use range multi-episode formatting by default when using {sxe} or {s00e00}
{s00e00} binding will now evaluate to TheTVDB Airdate Season/Episode numbers for AniDB absolute episode numbers.
• Subtitle language auto-detection when using the {lang} binding
• Subtitle language/category extension binding {subt}
• Spoken languages binding {languages}
• Stereoscopic 3D binding {s3d}
• A-Z folder binding {az}
• Just-in-time localization binding {localize} (e.g. {localize.German.Title})
• Filesize bindings {bytes}, {megabytes} and {gigabytes}
• Generic MediaInfo bindings {video}, {audio}, etc are now multi-stream bindings (and {videos}, {audios}, etc have consequently been removed)
• New CLI operation -revert to revert previous -rename operations
• CLI option --conflict now supports index conflict resolution behaviour
@file syntax for command-line argument passing
• Scripts from the online repository (e.g. fn:sysinfo) are now code signed and cryptographically secured against malicious tampering (not just HTTPS transport encryption)

FileBot 4.7.2

Posted: 01 Aug 2016, 14:55
by rednoah
FileBot 4.7.2 is out! Get it here!

This bugfix release resolves a variety of regression issues and improves default behaviour.

• Improved auto-delete behaviour (use system trash, preserve hidden user files, etc)
• Improved multi-part movie auto-detection (i.e. {pi} will work better)
{plex} binding now forces Windows-compatible paths (e.g. strip colons)
• New MediaInfo bindings: {mediaTitle} and {bitdepth}
• New Info Object bindings: {id} (series/movie ID), {object} and {type}
• New Episode bindings: {sc} (season count) and {sy} (season years)
• Support for --action reflink (requires Linux and btrfs)
• Improved Windows 7/8/10 integration
• Improved logging and debugging options
• Lots of minor (and some more critical) bugfixes and enhancements
• Fixes for various regression issues

Re: FileBot 4.7.5

Posted: 24 Nov 2016, 14:36
by rednoah
FileBot 4.7.5
• Keyboard shortcuts for calling user-defined Presets (Numpad 1..9)
• Improved episode auto-detection
• Improved file sort order
• Improved bindings: {plex}, {t}, {votes}, {group}, {tags}, {audioLanguages} and {textLanguages}
• Support ANSI color output (if $TERM == xterm-256color)
• Fixed Gnome GVFS drag-n-drop issues
• Reduce xattr metadata size
• Use xz compression for all packages (e.g. reduce download size by 40%)

FileBot 4.7.7

Posted: 03 Jan 2017, 14:42
by rednoah
FileBot 4.7.7
• Minor improvements and bugfixes

Re: FileBot 4.7.8

Posted: 20 Feb 2017, 09:38
by rednoah
FileBot 4.7.8
• Additional language preferences
• Additional Episode Sort Order: Absolute Airdate Order (useful for matching by airdate or episode title instead of SxE numbers)
• Additional bindings: {kbps} and {khz}
• Unified {localize} and {order} binding usage (e.g. localize.zho.n or order.airdate.sxe)
• Use powershell instead of cmd when executing commands on Windows (e.g. --def exec)
• Improved behaviour for -rename --q command-line usage
• Improved desktop integration for Gnome and KDE
• Improved support for Debian Linux armhf ABI (e.g. Raspberry Pi)
• Minor improvements and bugfixes

FileBot 4.7.9

Posted: 22 Mar 2017, 11:48
by rednoah
FileBot 4.7.9
• Binding {sdhd} has been removed in favour of {hd} which now supports UHD/HD/SD as possible values
• Support Presets for photo mass-renaming (e.g. added {exif}, {camera} and {location} bindings)
• Support streaming behaviour for -mediainfo commands and arbitrary --format expressions no longer limited by file path validation (e.g. multi-line, special characters, etc)
• Support lookup by id for -list commands (e.g. filebot -list --q 70327)
• Support for renaming episode files in linear order (e.g. -list --q 70327 -rename *.mkv)
• Minor improvements and bugfixes