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FileBot 3.3

Post by rednoah » 18 Jan 2013, 12:14

FileBot 3.3

This release brings a brand new Music Mode using AcoustID. There's also lots of enhancements in movie, episode and subtitle processing as well as various scraper fixes.

* New Music Mode using AcoustID audio-fingerprints and MusicBrainz info
* Support movie detection via tt1234567 patterns in the filename
* Improved handling 1e01 and 101 and S01E01-E02 SxE patterns
* Improved Subtitle<->Episode matching

Changes / Fixed Issues:
* Fix Subscene and IMDb scraper issues
* Value of {s00e00} now uses the S01E01-E02 pattern for multi episodes
* Value of {imdbid} now includes the tt prefix
* Added {tmdbid} binding
* Added .m2ts as video extension
* More caching to reduce load on the various webservices

Update: µTorrent Integration
* Automatically process music
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