What are Keeplink and Symlink?

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What are Keeplink and Symlink?

Post by TigerTime » 04 Aug 2019, 05:49


I'm new to FileBot and I've searched all over for a comprehensive list of all of the features and options. I've found nothing that explains Keeplink and Symlink. What do they do? I'd suggest to make this information is easier to find.

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Re: What are Keeplink and Symlink?

Post by rednoah » 04 Aug 2019, 06:19

Symbolic links, or symlinks, are a very common and very fundamental file system concept that is common to all Unix-like operating systems:

:idea: Although Windows has had support for symlinks since NTFS was introduced, it's not commonly used on Windows. Note that Windows Shortcuts (i.e. *.lnk files) are the same on the conceptual level, but completely different on the operating system and file system level.

:idea: I do not recommend using symlinks on Windows, unless you know what you're doing and do want symlinks for one reason or another.

Keeplink is a FileBot concept, where instead of creating a symlink at the target path linking back to the original path, FileBot will physically move the file, and then create a symlink at the original path, forwarding to the new file location.

Hardlink is definitely something you'll want to look into though, because it's a powerful concept that can save you a lot of time and disk space, and you're already familiar with the concept, albeit unknowingly, because every "file" is a "hardlink" and vice versa:
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