Non-english characters does not display right (Linux)

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Non-english characters does not display right (Linux)

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Wonderful program, thank you!

I am renaming some movies according to the format '{director} - {n} ({y})/{n}{" CD$pi"}' . The movies are located on a ntfs disk mounted in a headless linux box using ntfs-3g. The files are shared via samba to different windows computers in my home network. The problems I have are related to displaying "special" characters. Example:
Can someone please help me out and explain why this is so, and preferably how I can fix it? Could it be my locale settings? I am located in Norway, and have configured my headless linux box to use nb_no-latin1 so that the special norwegian characters show correctly in the shell (still not showing correctly in all programs like pico and vi, but that is just laziness). I am using turnkey torrent server (11.3-lucid-x86).

Thanks in advance for any help, it would be very much appreciated!
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Re: Non-english characters does not display right (Linux)

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Please run and post the output:

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filebot -script fn:sysinfo

:!: UTF-8 is the de-facto standard encoding for all text on Unix. Using anything else is generally a bad idea.
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