[amc] --def seriesFormat is ignored when processing Anime

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[amc] --def seriesFormat is ignored when processing Anime

Post by snickers2k »

filebot -script fn:amc \
--log-file ~/logs/Filebot_Downloads_Series.txt \
--def subtitles=de,en \
--def skipExtract=y \
--def ignore="tmp" \
--def clean=y \
--lang de \
--def minAgeHours=0.5 \
--action move -non-strict -no-xattr \
--conflict override \
--def minFileSize=200 \
"/home/snikay/Downloads/---Archiv/Series/" \
--def "seriesFormat=/home/snikay/Move2Drive/Series/{n.ascii()} {y} [{id}]/{plex[2]}/{plex[3]}/{plex[3]} {fn.ascii()}" "unsortedFormat=/home/snikay/Downloads/---Archiv/Unsortiert/Series/"

Code: Select all

[email protected]:~/.scripts$ sudo ./Filebot_Downloads_Series
Locking /home/snikay/logs/Filebot_Downloads_Series.txt
Run script [fn:amc] at [Thu Sep 05 09:46:50 CEST 2019]
Parameter: subtitles = de,en
Parameter: skipExtract = y
Parameter: ignore = tmp
Parameter: clean = y
Parameter: minAgeHours = 0.5
Parameter: minFileSize = 200
Parameter: seriesFormat = /home/snikay/Move2Drive/Series/{n.ascii()} {y} [{id}]/{plex[2]}/{plex[3]}/{plex[3]} {fn.ascii()}
Parameter: unsortedFormat = /home/snikay/Downloads/---Archiv/Unsortiert/Series/
Argument[0]: /home/snikay/Downloads/---Archiv/Series

Rename episodes using [AniDB]
Auto-detected query: [Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex]
Fetching episode data for [Koukaku Kidoutai Stand Alone Complex]
Fetching episode data for [Koukaku Kidoutai S.A.C. 2nd GIG]

[MOVE] from [/home/snikay/Downloads/---Archiv/Series/Ghost.In.The.Shell/Koukaku Kidoutai Stand Alone Complex - 26 - Öffentliche Sicherheit Sektion 9 zum zweiten.mkv] to [/home/snikay/Downloads/---Archiv/Series/Ghost.In.The.Shell/Anime/Koukaku Kidoutai Stand Alone Complex/Koukaku Kidoutai Stand Alone Complex - 26 - Öffentliche Sicherheit Sektion 9 zum zweiten.mkv]

why is this not moving to seriesFormat, but instead to InputFormat? and why is it moving to "Anime" ? plex(2) should be the Season ??

I just bought Filebot because i thought this has something to do with the old Version. But besides this problem - and many other Problems, i'm completely disappointed with filebot...

Another thing is how Filebot handle's anything else. Subtitles, extras etc should be also in "plex-naming-sheme" .. and not ignored. altough i found a user script, i can't test .. because even the simples format isn't working, as you can see

strict is not working at all. -no-strict is way to less ... no option to percentage of recognition ... sorry, but there is way more to do, if you really want to be taking seriously to take $8 a year.
damn, right now i have better success with my selfscripted move-task within "flexget" - for free

oh and last thing, where is a simple WebUI ?

could you please help me here and clarify these things? thank you
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Re: makes no sense...

Post by rednoah »

Since the file is auto-detected as Anime type, it's being processed with Anime logic which is distinct from TV Series logic, which means --def animeFormat is being used instead of --def seriesFormat.

Extras are ignored by design, and that's fairly unrelated to the naming scheme. The amc script does process subtitles though, and name them accordingly via the naming scheme.

You can post file paths if you have problems with matching. There may or may not be solution, but I can't tell without specific examples. Suffice to say, it works for most, but there are always corner cases which aren't yet accounted for.

Note that the amc script does not have a --def minAgeHours option, and so that parameter will be silently ignored.

A WebUI is not planned, other than FileBot Node which is designed primarily for Synology NAS / QNAP NAS devices.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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