add imdb.url & poster.jpg only

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add imdb.url & poster.jpg only

Post by keyman » 24 Oct 2019, 01:11

Sorry if the dumb question is ask again and again, but... arn't you all some repeating task robots (belevieving highly of themselves ?) ououuuupsss joke ...(isn't it) ?

I am using The FN script AMC (automated media controller) to rename and re-order and classificate (HUMANLY LISIBLE, USABLE and FINDABLE (sure then you might joke on my poor little and unusable brain of humans like me...)

the AMC Filebot script is working pretty well for now on my few test (but is quiete simple too)

The only thing I would like very much, is to download (only) the poster.jpg on the Movie file (in his rightfull folder) and also a direct link to the IMDB.url info page for that movie...
(when I try artwork or extra options, It is donloading far too much file, and Id like to keep it simple.
only 1 poster.jpg and only 1 imdb.url web-link... and if possible another Movie-database info service link for that particular film...
I really don't want any NFO or TXT or chapters previews... etc...

here is my actual AMD script :

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filebot -script fn:amc --output "/Volumes/Xeno/Downloads/= Torrents/=movies" --action duplicate --conflict skip -non-strict "/Volumes/Xeno/Downloads/= Torrents/=movies temp » --def movieFormat="{n} ({y}) [{genres[2]}] {director} ({rating})/{n} ({y}){subt}" --def subtitles=fr,en --def clean=y --log-file amc.log --filter "age < 5 || 5 <= model.age.min()" --def "ut_label=MOVIE"
what is your advice ? i there a way to configure a expert mode to choose exactlt what we want artwork and url weblink ?
or perhaps the simplier is to do another script more suited ??

Thanks in advance...

and another little question off-topic
how to add a number after the file when there is a conflict after renamiing...
it often append with subtitle, (i have differents version) bu file bot in this case discard on of them... 50% chance to be wrong in this case....
so something like that

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{n} {"($y)"} [{"$genres [$rating]"}]/{n} {s00e00} {t}{"$subt"}
also I am not sure to fully understand how to not put a "genres" or "rating" or "year" rename request if the result is NULL and VOID
see this previous rename script for TV.. I tried that, but very badky I suppose ???

Thanks in advance !

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Re: add imdb.url & poster.jpg only

Post by rednoah » 24 Oct 2019, 04:13

Unfortunately, there's currently no options to just download selected artwork / nfo / url files. It's all or nothing. The easy solution is to use everything as is out of the box, and then just have your own script batch delete the superfluous files in a second pass.

--conflict index might be what you're looking for

Here's example format code that shows you how to deal with potentially undefined bindings:

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[{allOf{y}{genre}{rating}.join(' ')}]

:?: Please start a new thread in the appropriate sub-forum if you have more specific questions about custom format code. It's usually a back-and-forth conversation best handled in it's own threads.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.

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