How to automate filebot on synology nas

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How to automate filebot on synology nas

Post by limera1n »

Hello everyone,

I am using filebot on my ds414. I have configured it via filebot node so it renames and moves media files from my downloads folder (where my download station saves torrents) to my video folder. Everything works pretty good but I would like to know how can I automate the process. I know that I can schedule to run filebot via task scheduler and so I did. However, that is not exactly what I am looking for. I want it to run automatically, for example, when download station finishes downloading a torrent. In theory I could set it to run every 1 minute via scheduler but I guess it will be too much for my nas. I asked on reddit as well and one of the suggestions was to program task scheduler to scan the downloads folder for new files and only if there are any to call filebot (that should be not so resource-consuming). Since I am not familiar with linux and scripts, I have no idea how to implement this solution. At the moment the filebot task in scheduler looks like this: /usr/local/filebot-node/task 2. Any viable solutions with step by step explanations will be greatly appreciated!
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Re: How to automate filebot on synology nas

Post by rednoah »

e.g. bash script to check if /folder contains any files modified within the last 60 minutes and perform given command if that is the case:

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if test `find /folder -mmin -60`; then
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Re: How to automate filebot on synology nas

Post by diegolm »

Hi limera1n did you succeed in automating this?

I'm also new to linux and I'm totally lost on how to implemement that script.... :(
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