FileBot and TheTVDB

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FileBot and TheTVDB

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Hello! I just received an email from TheTVDB and I figured I'd create an account to see if this email would have any impact on FileBot users. This is the email I received:
There are some big changes coming for TheTVDB that will affect both developers and our end users, most notably our brand new API (“v4”). With the launch of this new API fast approaching, we wanted to give an overview of all of these changes.
Two Models for API Access
There are now two ways to access TheTVDB API. Each company, platform, or project will have the ability to select their preferred method of access. This decision will ultimately be up to the developers of the projects themselves, so if you are an end user, you'll need to wait for the platform/software you use to announce any changes regarding your access.

This is the way things work now. Companies and projects enter into a contract with us and are given an API key. License fees are based primarily on usage, company size, and how the data is used. 

Example: Mobile apps & websites
This is new. Some companies can’t or don’t want to license API access directly, and have requested that we pass along any cost to end users. We have determined an approach that will keep this affordable and accessible for all, detailed below.

Example: Synology Video Station
A note for Plex users: TheTVDB is in ongoing active discussions with Plex. Please stay tuned for more information if you are an end user of Plex.

User Subscriptions
User subscriptions are global, and not tied to a specific API key. This means that if, as an end user, you use three projects that make use of TheTVDB API, your subscription will grant access for any of them that choose the user-supported model.

Important Notes
  • A subscription is required ONLY if the project/software you're using has indicated so — although we’d love for you to support the site anyway.
  • Subscribing will grant you a unique PIN, which will be entered into the software you use.
  • User subscriptions will be $11.99/year.
  • Subscriptions will also include an ad-free site experience, a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart, and future incentives that we’re planning.
While we believe this to be a reasonable subscription fee, we understand that some of you may prefer another approach. With that in mind, we’ll also allow users to earn a free annual subscription by contributing quality data to the site, like missing IDs, translations, and artwork. We’ll provide additional details concerning this model in the coming months.[/list]
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Re: FileBot and TheTVDB

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FileBot has commercial license for TheTVDB since March 2020. However, that predates all the recent announcements, so we'll have to wait and see.

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