Questions About Universal Life-time License

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Questions About Universal Life-time License

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1. After purchasing a life-time universal license, will I be able to use FileBot on any supported operating system or platform? For example, I am on Windows 10 right now, but later on I get a mac. Can I use the same license with FileBot on MacOS?

2. I remember the old version of FileBot required the use of Java runtime, is this still the case?

3. Is there still portable versions available for Windows? How about Mac?

4. I use to have a yearly subscription that expired a few months ago, can I get a discount on the life-time license?

5. How long is this software planning on being supported?

Thank you.
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Re: Questions About Universal Life-time License

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Your license will work on all supported platforms.

Practically, no. Because it's built-in now.

There is no portable app for Mac.

The life-time license is permanently 20% OFF. Unfortunately, there are no discounts on top of that.

This software does not plan for obsolescence.

I strongly recommend sticking with the yearly licenses if you have any doubts whatsoever. The life-time license exists primarily for hardcore FileBot fans, and is generally not recommended to normal users. ;)
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