Cannot get my Licence

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Cannot get my Licence

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Hi there,

Need help - I recently erased my Mac and had back-up beforehand without issue. I was giving my Mac to my Son for college.

I have now reverted to an older iMac that I had and not thinking things through I cannot restore the backup on to the iMac as the OS is older
I re-downloaded Filebot to my iMac but cannot remember my licence number to register the software.

Please can you tell me how to resolve this or email me with my licence number that should be on your records (obviously this would be through Private Messaging)


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Re: Cannot get my Licence

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Assuming that you have purchased FileBot from this website via Paddle (as opposed to the Mac App Store) please contact Paddle with so that they can lookup your order using your email, payment details, etc:
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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