Purchase Licence Not Working

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Purchase Licence Not Working

Post by gfinlay »

I purchased a 1year licence via paypal at 7:20GMT today and I am still waiting for them to arrive at 8:32 GMT.

Paddle Reply - "Unfortunately, our response times are taking a bit longer than normal due to our team being impacted by the Typhoon in the Philippines. We would appreciate it if you refrain from sending the same question more than once as this may delay our response but please do read through the below info on common issues."

A dreadful disaster to be sure, but is there anyway I can get round this problem in the meantime?
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Re: Purchase Licence Not Working

Post by rednoah »

Looks like you mistyped your email address there, so I was able to find your Order Number in the email server error log:

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498 No MX for finlay***.co.uk

:arrow: Your Order Number is P31865142. I've re-issue and re-sent your license to your correct finlay***.uk (no .co subdomain) email address. Make sure to use auto-fill instead of finger-typing to bypass this kind of problem in the future.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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