Amc Ubuntu Deluge

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Amc Ubuntu Deluge

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I just set up a new server running Ubuntu

i set up deluge and installed filebot

i wrote the following script delugescript

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filebot -script fn:amc --output "Home/earthcoder/SortedMedia" --log-file amc.log --action Move --conflict override -non-strict --def clean=y --def artwork=y "ut_dir=$TORRENT_PATH/$TORRENT_NAME" "ut_kind=multi" "ut_title=$TORRENT_NAME"
did chmod +rx
ran it in terminal to check i know it would error just to no paths but it ran ok.

then added it to deluge
execute as the following

but does not do anything, i checked amc.log and seems it does not run.

im doing by web so unable to see any errors and cant find any deluge logs

any ideas i can try
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Re: Amc Ubuntu Deluge

Post by ashfallen0 »

I wrote up an AMC/Deluge guide here: XBMCbuntu is just an Ubuntu variant, so all the steps should still work properly.

From what I can see:
--output "Home/earthcoder/SortedMedia"
needs to be altered slightly for the correct operation:
--output "/home/earthcoder/SortedMedia/"

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--output "/home/earthcoder/SortedMedia/" 
I'm fairly confident that if you run by inserting the variables at the command line: **example only**

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$>sh /home/earthcoder/delugescript 5c60b30ae37d821b847cdd993844f9da59d8360 Saturday.Night.Live.S39E20.Charlize.Theron-The.Black.Keys.HDTV.x264-2HD[rarbg] /home/earthcoder >> /home/earthcoder/runtest.txt
**example only**
that you would see the script fire properly.

CLI is finicky about cAsE and proper path without dropping to error when invoked. Let me know if that helps!
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