Multi-cd Audio Tag?

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Multi-cd Audio Tag?

Post by ashfallen0 »

I can't seem to find in the reference if you have added tagging for multi-cd on audio tracks. I know that {pi}/{pn} will give me the {track}/{total track} numbers, but I'm looking for disc numbers, such as what is listed in a deluxe cd set or anthology.

I'm really looking to solve this:
/URI/{artist}/{album}/{artist} - {album} - [{DISC-01/01}] - {track 01/01} - {title}.ext

current expression:

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/home/media/r1/{norm = (n.replaceAll(":", replacement = " -"))}/{norm = ("$album".replaceAll(":", replacement = " -"))}/{norm = (n.replaceAll(":", replacement = " -"))} - {norm = ("$album".replaceAll(":", replacement = " -"))} - {"${pi.pad(2)}"}/{"${pn.pad(2)}"} - {t.replaceAll(":", replacement = " -")}
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Re: Multi-cd Audio Tag?

Post by rednoah »

Sure, you can use the generic media info bindings but you'll need to figure out the key for this field yourself.

Check available MediaInfo:

Use it in your format:
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