Slash in FolderName + Box Office Numbers + Ratings + Refresh

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Slash in FolderName + Box Office Numbers + Ratings + Refresh

Post by contempor » 21 Dec 2012, 05:15

hi, this is an incredddddible app. thanks for that first of all.

1. when i want to add a into the filename, it will create folders like
how can i write my links without creating new folders.

2. how can i get the box office numbers (just for usa). for avatar it is

3. for avatar i get as a rating rating8.0 with votes511,595
how can i get the detailled numbers, like: "Aged 18-29" votes268245 rating8.0 (coincidence because of the double 8.0)

4. if i rename my file to
"2012.10.11 - 8.0 - 268245votes - avatar"
how can i make sure, the next time i want to refresh the numbers, filebot will recognize the name again? is there a good way for example like
"2012.10.11 - 8.0 - 268245votes - tt0499549 - avatar"


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Re: Slash in FolderName + Box Office Numbers + Ratings + Ref

Post by rednoah » 21 Dec 2012, 15:05

1. Can you do that on Mac? Don't ever do that.
2 & 3. Nope, unless you go scrape the page.
4. At least put the movie name first and add an .nfo file with imdbid to the folder. Best not to uglify names like that...
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