Ignore a bad Match

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Ignore a bad Match

Post by slickric01 » 24 Dec 2012, 17:27

I'm trying out FileBot and found that while it's 99% accurate, there are random files it doesn't correctly match. So far I've seen it with TV episodes outtakes which are often coded as episode 00 or 99. Is there a way to ignore one line in the Rename window so that all of the good matches can be renamed excluding the ones I mark as ignore?

In my current example, I'm renaming Castle (2009).

Original File: Castle [2x00] Sample
New Name: Episodes - 2x07 - Episode Seven (it didn't match the series name)

So how Can I process the 50 other matches and not have it rename this one?

Thanks a lot!

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Re: Ignore a bad Match

Post by rednoah » 25 Dec 2012, 04:27

You can remove items by pressing DELETE or just not dragging it in in the first place.
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