call filebot from amc

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call filebot from amc

Post by Ztrust » 20 Nov 2016, 18:16

Hi Rednoah

Im trying to fix my danish shows who dosent have an english tvdb page so they do not get renamed they only get an episode number.

i have made 2 scripts one for english and one for danish they both work but my problem is how do i call the danish one for the danish and the english for everything else, and this means the utorrent amc should ignore all and just call the scripts ?

thanks hope you will help me yet again :?:

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Re: call filebot from amc

Post by rednoah » 21 Nov 2016, 07:02

Some people use the {localize} binding to retrieve localized metadata as necessary in the format.


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If you want to run with --lang en and --lang da then you need to figure out which one it is before you call the amc script, which means you need utorrent to call your own script which then makes filebot calls however you want.
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