Manual Rename

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Manual Rename

Post by MarcoG » 13 Jan 2013, 09:26

Hello everyone

I am trying to clean up my filebase so XBMC will recognise all the shows. For that, I thought I'd use FileBot.

The only Problem is this: I was trying to add the Dog Whisperer but TVRage and TheTVDB both seem to be sending the same episode title (including the number) twice at one point. For one site it's in season two and for another it's in season five.

Since the names on the homepage seem to be correct (I believe for TVRage 5x20 is skipped by FileBot and 5x21 used instead).

So my question is this: Can I somehow just rename an episode in the target column? I haven't found a function for that. Rightclick doesn't do anything of the sort and F2 doesn't work either.



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Re: Manual Rename

Post by rednoah » 13 Jan 2013, 10:08

Nope since the name in the target column is generated.

I can see there's a discrepancy (you can check in Episodes panel). So what should it be? "The Dog Whisperer - 5x20 - Miles and Maxie & Border" or "The Dog Whisperer - 5x20 - Mad Dogs"? What's the filename? If the name is too misleading then you'll just have to rename that one manually, or at least add enough information for it to work. Basically you have to choose the datasource that matches your files.
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