filebot failing to find "tosh 0" on thetvdb

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filebot failing to find "tosh 0" on thetvdb

Post by belgarth »

[email protected]:~/Downloads/TV-Shows/Unsorted$ filebot --q "Tosh 0" -list --db thetvdb
Exception: Failed to auto-select search result: []
Failure (°_°)
[email protected]:~/Downloads/TV-Shows/Unsorted$ filebot --q "Tosh.0" -list --db thetvdb
Tosh.0 - 1x01 - Afro Ninja
Tosh.0 - 1x02 - Miss South Carolina
Tosh.0 - 1x03 - News Puke Kid
Tosh.0 - 1x04 - Scarlet Takes a Tumble

This creates a problem because the epsiode autodetector detects from the filename as "Tosh 0", not "Tosh.0":
[email protected]:~/Downloads/TV-Shows/Unsorted$ ls
[email protected]:~/Downloads/TV-Shows/Unsorted$ filebot --q "Tosh 0" -non-strict -rename --db thetvdb --format "/home/belgarth/Downloads/TV-Shows/{n}/{n} - {s}x{e} - {t}" /home/belgarth/Downloads/TV-Shows/Unsorted/*
Rename episodes using [TheTVDB]
Failed to fetch episode data: [Tosh 0]
Exception: Unable to match files to episode data
Failure (°_°)
so it fails to match.

tvrage doesn't have this problem, it appears to be specific to thetvdb. When I do a search on "Tosh 0" though, it does find the show.
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Re: filebot failing to find "tosh 0" on thetvdb

Post by rednoah »

Yep, TheTVDB query engine fails on stuff like this because it sees "tosh.0" as one word. Search by "tosh" and "0" doesn't work in this case.

@see ... anguage=en VS ... anguage=en

You can check in the tvdb api forums, I'm pretty sure this is a well-known issue that hopefully get's fixed with the coming API overhaul.
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