Synology NAS does not re-index after rename

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Synology NAS does not re-index after rename

Post by LindaPeterson » 14 Dec 2018, 14:38

I'm using filebot on a Synology NAS to rename my episodes. I rename my files from a "Downloads" folder to something like /Series_name/Season_number/episode. The problem is that after the filebot renaming process, my NAS does not detect any change on the files, and does not reindex correctly the episode. As a result, the video doesn't appear in the folder when browsing the media server.
Calling synoindex -a "episode_name.mkv" seems to resolve de problem, but I'd like to automate that, and I don't know how to retrieve the path computed by filebot.
Is there anyone else that encounters this problem? Little help would be great :)

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Re: Synology NAS does not re-index after rename

Post by rednoah » 14 Dec 2018, 14:45

You can just have synoindex do it's own refresh:

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synoindex -R all
If you're using the amc script, then you can run that after processing via the --def exec option. Otherwise you can use the Synology Task Scheduler to run it once a day or every few hours.
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