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Help / Support FileBot !!

Post by rednoah »

Nope, not asking for donations here... not that it wouldn't be appreciated of course. ;)

Please click the Google +1 button and the Tweet button on the homepage to show your support and help others discover this piece of software !!

A lot of work, something like 3000 hours, has been gone into making FileBot and support here in the forums to make it the ultimate tool for organizing tv shows, downloading subtitles and similar shit work that people really shouldn't need to waste their precious time on. FileBot does have a sound user-base but there is very little community around this project. There is exactly one person that writes code, manages the website and forums, writes documentation and only very few individuals that are helping with fixing things for Linux and Mac. Nobody writing tutorials or documentation, nobody sharing naming expressions / cli scripts, rarely anybody blogging about it. Lot's of similar tools seem to have alot more users and active community around them so here goes...

If you like FileBot: Help me get the word out for this awesome tool.


PS: If you like to donate via an Eurozone wire transfer please contact me (I don't actually expect anybody to ever donate more than a couple of euros though). :ugeek:
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.