Update for 7-Zip-JBinding

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Update for 7-Zip-JBinding

Post by nytram » 12 Aug 2015, 06:24

Hi all

had trouble getting 7zip-JBindings to work well looks like were in for an update so with any luck everyone will be able to automatically extract Yay!!
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Hello Alen,
Thank you very much for your post :)
I have a good news for you. The project is alive. I'm working on it continuously to bring out a new release containing more than 5 years of development.
Check out the RW branch: https://github.com/borisbrodski/sevenzi ... ng/tree/RW
It binds a newer version of 7-Zip-JBinding and provides full support for creating 7z, Zip, Gzip, Bzip2 and Tar archives and updating existing ones.
It also incorporates a convenient (at least I hope so) API for creating archives of some some specified archive type, but also a more complex API to create archives of dynamically chosen archive types.
Currently I'm finishing JUnit tests, testing archive updates. Then I will write some JavaDoc and extend the documentation on the web site.
If you really like to test a poor documented current state of the branch I could build it for you. Which platform do you prefer? Currently I have Linux64 version, but could build another one, if you wish.
Best regards,
Boris Brodski

Regards Martyn
ps any trouble with filebot 7zip on linux let me know

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Re: Update for 7-Zip-JBining

Post by rednoah » 12 Aug 2015, 09:46

If you have trouble with 7-Zip-JBinding, you can configure FileBot to use the 7z executable to extract archives, and if even that doesn't work (i.e. 7z not compiled with non-free unrar plugin) then there's still a pure Java implementation that you can try (but may not work for all certain rar archives, just the simple split uncompressed ones). The latter will become default in the Synology NAS package with the next release.

@see https://github.com/svn2github/filebot/b ... bot.sh#L51
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Re: Update for 7-Zip-JBinding

Post by nytram » 13 Aug 2015, 00:56



unfortunately I and I suspect others cant for hardware / os reasons use the newer versions of filebot so we`re stuck with 7-Zip-JBindings which you yourself rated 5/5 for us an updated 7-Zip-JBindings is a good thing.

Whilst I am sure future versions of filebot will infact bring forth the birth of an A.I. I probably wont be able to afford the hardware for that either.


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