FileBot asking for Reviews

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FileBot asking for Reviews

Post by rednoah » 24 Mar 2017, 17:05


Reviews are important to help new users make an informed purchase decision. Users that have already purchased FileBot may be put off by being asked for a review, but it does allow you to keep to product you love (hopefully) alive and kicking and keep future updates free thanks to the funding from new users.

Please understand that happy users rarely (if ever) think of coming back to the Store to leave a review, while angry users (when "something doesn't work") are more than willing to come back and write a bad review and discourage new users from purchasing FileBot. Positive reviews can be quite existential for many applications on the Store.

Rules for Review Reminders:

FileBot will not ask users for a review until a certain number of files have been renamed, so only users that have used FileBot extensively over time will be asked to write a review. Most users will never see a review reminder, and only the most extreme users will see a review reminder multiple times as the threshold is raised exponentially with every review.

FileBot does not ask for reviews as long as:
  • you have renamed less than 5000 files in total
  • you have renamed less than 5 files in the current session
  • you have already reviewed the current version of FileBot once
  • a random number between 0 and 1000 is less than 777 (i.e. ask 22.3% of the time)

FileBot may ask for reviews once certain thresholds have been reached:
  1. More than 2.000 files in total, or more than 2.000 files in a single session
  2. More than 10.000 files in total, or more than 4.000 files in a single session
  3. More than 50.000 files in total, or more than 8.000 files in a single session
  4. More than 250.000 files in total, or more than 16.000 files in a single session
  5. More than 1.250.000 files in total, or more than 32.000 files in a single session

:idea: Both thresholds increase exponentially every time you click Write a Review! or Update my Review! (regardless of whether or not you actually write a review)
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.

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