[JDownloader] Setup for Windows, Linux and macOS

Running FileBot from the console, Groovy scripting, shell scripts, etc
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[JDownloader] Setup for Windows, Linux and macOS

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Welcome to the official JDownloader help & support topic!

Automated Media Center

This guide will help you with setting up the amc script with JDownloader. We'll add our own Event Scripter event script, which passes some arguments along to our shell script, which then calls filebot as usual.
  1. Install the Event Scripter plugin
  2. Add the Execute FileBot (PackageFinished) script
  3. Add the Execute FileBot (ArchiveExtracted) script
  4. Download the jdownloader-postprocess.sh (i.e. Linux and macOS) or jdownloader-postprocess.cmd (i.e. Windows) script, make sure it's executable, and place it in the JD_HOME folder.

:idea: The script location is set in the first line:

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var script = '/path/to/jdownloader-postprocess.sh'

:idea: You may edit the configuration files directly if you are running JDownloader on a headless server:

Known Issues

  • The PackageFinished script is called before extraction is complete. The ArchiveExtracted script is called for each individual archive. In order to avoid FileBot processing partially extracted files it is recommended that extraction is disabled in JDownloader and enabled in FileBot via the --def skipExtract=n option.

If something is not working, please read Shell Script Debugging for Beginners and make sure it's not a simple $PATH or permission issue.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.