FileBot 2.4 is out!~

Release notes and future plans
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FileBot 2.4 is out!~

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FileBot 2.4 is out!~

New features:
* Extreme-Makeover for Movie auto-detection (It actually works now!)
* More accurate and robust episode/file matching
* Support movie/series detection via imdbid/tvdbid from nfo files
* Update notifications when future versions are released
* Greatly reduced initial startup time of the Java WebStart app (by using lazy-loading)
* New portable distribution in download section
* Java 6 (Mac!) support for move/renaming files accross different volumes/filesystems

Noteworthy Scripts:
With this release I wanna highlight the scripting capabilities that are part of the FileBot CLI. Check out these scripts!~

+Fetch Banners and Artwork for TV Shows from TheTVDB:
=> ... 4&t=5#p204

+Fetch Posters and Artwork for Movies from TheMovieDB:
=> ... 4&t=5#p205

+Watch folders and automatically organize files:
=> ... 4&t=5#p132

+Sort out recent downloads. Extract archives, organize episodes/movies into folders, request XBMC library rescan (something like SortTV I guess)
=> ... =4&t=5#p52

+Create CSV file (Excel/Calc) for all your media files including columns for info like resolution, audio/video codecs, etc
=> ... =4&t=5#p53

More info here:
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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