Got IMdB #, how to force TMdB lookup

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Got IMdB #, how to force TMdB lookup

Post by Mech_Man »

I have a collection of individual shows, mostly individual documentaries, not parts of a series.
Most have their own IMdB entry so I can find their IMdB# by doing an Episode or Title search.

Is there I way I can embed the IMdB# I manually find, into the filename so when I then use FileBot to search through TheMovieDataBase (or OMdB), it will use that number to search for the show?

Example: Show Title= "The Panavia Tornado"
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Re: Got IMdB #, how to force TMdB lookup

Post by rednoah »

Yes, FileBot will pick up IMDb tt1234567 patterns in filenames and surrounding NFO files and also consider them as potential matches.

There is no such feature for TheMovieDB IDs because they're just numbers and not commonly used in filenames or NFO files. If you select TheMovieDB, since TheMovieDB has both IMDB ID and TMDB ID, FileBot will check TheMovieDB for the IMDb IDs it has found.
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