How to move licence key to ubuntu?

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How to move licence key to ubuntu?

Post by phibins » 09 Jun 2019, 13:06

Hey, long time fan of the software btw.

I bought a licence key about 11 months (Jul 30, 2018) ago and installed it on my NAS synology. I followed some tutorial because i am a noob and am not familiar with this stuff.

Now i am on a Ubuntu machine and what to have my licence activated there.... I have the licence key file, but where can i find instructions/tutorial/information on installing it on the ubuntu machine?

Also will the licence key work on both machines?

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Re: How to move licence key to ubuntu?

Post by devster » 09 Jun 2019, 13:58

License should be per-user.
Have you tried viewtopic.php?f=8&t=6121 ?
If you have the file it should be quite straightforward.
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Re: How to move licence key to ubuntu?

Post by rednoah » 09 Jun 2019, 15:54

You can use FileBot as usual, and when a license is required, it will ask you to select it.

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