Original date for an artist song?

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Original date for an artist song?

Post by boe » 20 Jul 2019, 00:31


My current format is {artist} - {t} {na} - {t} {[y]} and I'll often get something like Beetles - Eleanor Rigby - 2011 - I'm pretty sure they haven't recorded too much lately so I'm guessing that is from a rereleased recording on a newer album. Is there a way to have it set the beatles original record date? I'd love to be able to sort my music by decade.

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Re: Original date for an artist song?

Post by rednoah » 20 Jul 2019, 04:22

Are you using AcoustID or ID3 Tags?

For music, I recommend correctly tagging files first, e.g. via Music Brainz Picard. Then you'll have ID3 tags like "Recorded Date" which you can make sure is the way you want, before renaming files via FileBot later on.

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