Wrong Movie Year

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Wrong Movie Year

Post by msmcpeake »

This is driving me insane, has been for a couple weeks and I can't find an answer. The movie release year on Radarr is always different from what Filebot/AMC scrapes. If a movie on Radarr is from 2020, Filebot will put 2019 or vice versa. Is there a way to FORCE a release date from the different date options on movies. I don't understand how Radarr and Filebot both scrape TMDB and they get two different years. It's making the process or downloading via Radarr a pain as I have to manually change the path to the right year for newer movies (2015-2020 most notably).


Current syntax is:

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& 'C:\Media Server\FileBot\filebot.exe' -script "C:/Media Server/AMC/amc.groovy" --output "M:/" --action move --conflict override -non-strict "M:/Transfer" --log-file "M:/amc.log" --def minFileSize=0 minLengthMS=0 emby=<redacted> movieFormat="M:/Movies/{ny}/{n} - {vs}-{vf}" seriesFormat="M:/{plex}" animeFormat="M:/{plex}" musicFormat="M:/{plex}" skipExtract=y clean=y unsorted=y music=y 
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Re: Wrong Movie Year

Post by rednoah »

Thanks for the post! Before a real human comes by, please make sure your report has all the following points checked:
  • What are you trying to do achieve? What's not working? What have you tried so far?
  • Include screenshots, logs or filenames (i.e. demonstrate the issue)
  • Include System Information (i.e. filebot -script fn:sysinfo console output)
:idea: Please read How to Request Help and Fix Problems, Report Bugs, Get Features.


You'll want to add specific examples for files / movies (with TheMovieDB link) where FileBot and Radarr get different results.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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Re: Wrong Movie Year

Post by kim »

We should have pushed a fix that fixes most such issues. The problem here is that we get the release dates from themoviedb.org which can be wrong sometimes. There are two ways to fix this. Either edit the movies on themoviedb or edit the files to include the year radarr expects
https://www.reddit.com/r/radarr/comment ... ase_years/
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