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Re: [JDownloader] Setup for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

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otr wrote: 17 Aug 2018, 12:10 Hi,

sorry for being silent for a bit, I have been on a short trip. In the meantime, my setup is now working and I wanted to report back my specifics, so that others may benefit, but also so that I can learn in case I have missed something important.

This is what is working for me:

1. jDownloader Event Scripter calls this script

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[{"eventTrigger":"ON_PACKAGE_FINISHED", "enabled":true, "name":"FileBot", "script":"var amcFile = '/volume1/Downloads/';var path = '/volume1/Downloads/'; callAsync(function() {}, amcFile, path);", "eventTriggerSettings":{}, "id":123654}]
For people that were new to this, just like me:
- The above is the exact "text" that you can see in the jDownloader UI. Compare this screenshot:
- id:123654 is a random number I thought of. The way I understand it this is the ID the process runs under and I would be able to find it under this ID, if I had to look for it.

2. the script that is called above

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export JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx256m"
/var/packages/filebot/target/ -script 'fn:amc' /volume1/Downloads --output /volume1/Media/ --conflict auto --lang en --def 'clean=y' 'skipExtract=y'  'excludeList=.excludes'
I would be happy to get comments on this, especially since people later might look at this and assume that I did smart things (I did not - I just figured out what works for me somehow).
One issue I have is that I still do not find the filebot log file created by this setup.

Hello, I am a little lost would it be possible to give me the procedure that you followed from a to z because I can not find the configuration files of eventscripter did you use an alternative method Thank's
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Re: [IRC] Discord Support Channel

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The FileBot Forums is Wikipedia. The FileBot Discord is Twitter. Each have strengths and weaknesses. Neither replaces the other. Both run in your browser no need to install anything. ;)
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