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Different Watched Folder for AMC by Media types - UNRAID

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I am sure this has been discussed before (and apologize for redundancy if it has) however, I could not find the answers in the forum.

I recently pivoted from a Synology running Filebot for my downloads to Unraid (which is running it in docker).
In the synology, I would place files for renaming in the appropriate "download" subfolder based on media type (Movies, TV Shows, Music), and run a separate task for each media type. This would help decrease errors.

I am currently using a dockerized version in UNRAID, using the AMC option. Are there variables I can pass to the script for individual directories to specify what media type is in those directories so that the renaming process is more accurate. Currently, the AMC script is doing a great job renaming movies, but not so well with TV series.
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Re: Different Watched Folder for AMC by Media types - UNRAID

Post by rednoah »

Separating content into Movies and TV Shows (literally named as such) folders if you can is highly recommended, since that will instantly identify a file as this or that eliminating room for error. Please read the amc script manual for details.

:idea: If standard folder naming is not an option for you, then you can also use the --def ut_label parameter to force things one way or another for each call.

If you encounter a mismatch, please post the log.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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