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Filebot for Music

Post by abescalamis »

I started to use filebot for Music, I love the way it works, the only thing I notice it keeps the same some song and doesn't delete it if the song name has something different like a capital letter in the name or album.

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filebot -script 'fn:amc' '/volume1/AMC/' --output '/volume1/Data/Media' --action move -non-strict --conflict auto --def 'ut_label=Music' 'music=y' 'unsorted=y' 'artwork=y' 'clean=y' 'skipExtract=y' --apply refresh --log all --log-file music.log --def excludeList=music.txt 
The above is not a big deal, so I tried to use the following command to find duplicates but it doesn't seem to work that well for music as it does for Movies or Shows.
filebot -script fn:duplicates "/volume1/Data/Media/Music" --conflict auto --action test -no-probe
My library for music is not that big and not a big deal but I love learning things about filebot any suggestion is appreciated, I know that over time it will get easier as the Exclude list will grow, right now I'm using alldup to find duplicates and deleting manually.
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Re: Filebot for Music

Post by rednoah »

The amc script renames files solely based on ID3 tag information. These tags are not guaranteed to be correct or uniform. You can however modify your custom format to maybe normalize things to some degree.

:arrow: You may find simple filebot -rename calls more effective for dealing with custom use cases such as this one. You may prefer to use --db AcoustID to normalize naming based on AcoustID metadata.

--conflict auto is designed for comparing video files by quality. It'll probably default to "bigger file size is better" if we don't have any video characteristics to compare. Note that --conflict auto refers to file paths conflicts (i.e. can't have 2 files with the same file path) but not logical duplicates (i.e. have 2 different files with 2 different file paths that happen to be the same song).

The duplicates script only works for logical duplicates based on xattr metadata which means that it only works for Movie and Episode type files that have already been processed and identified by FileBot, and thus doesn't work for music files at all:

FileBot can work well for renaming / moving music files due to it's flexible naming scheme and programmability, but if you need more of a music library management tool, then others tools might work better for you:
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