A Decade of FileBot and I'm Still Happy!

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A Decade of FileBot and I'm Still Happy!

Post by Wirly »

I've been using FileBot everyday for nearly a decade. Without FileBot, I wouldn't even consider using HTPC software such as Kodi/Plex. I'd be just another neanderthal browsing a jungle of directories on my HDD.

As a software developer myself, I love discovering software worth paying for. At $6/year this software is TOO cheap, it's easily worth quadruple the asking price, which even then would be a steal! The amount of money I've saved from staying home to watch TV easily outweighs the cost of this software, nobody can argue against that. If a night out costs $20, which is definitely on the cheap end, a single movie night at home would pay the license for years to come. It's a no-brainer!

As a matter of fact, my yearly subscription is set to expire in a couple weeks, and rather than renew for another year, I went ahead and bought a universal lifetime license to show my support! Even if this software were to disappear tomorrow, it has easily paid for itself many times over in the years I've been using it.

I love my HTPC setup and have invested a good amount of money in the hardware/peripherals that allow me to enjoy it. The only reason I even have such a setup in the first place is because FileBot makes it too easy to maintain an organized media library, the AMC script does all the work for me!

Thank you rednoah for the years of good work and continued support! :beer:
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Re: A Decade of FileBot and I'm Still Happy!

Post by rednoah »

Your kind words are much appreciated. Glad to know that long-time FileBot users are still happy a decade in. We'll make sure to keep it that way for years to come. It's certainly been a while and thanks to user feedback we've continuously managed to come up with new features and conveniences while keeping things easy and accessible for new users. Cheers! 🍻
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Re: A Decade of FileBot and I'm Still Happy!

Post by tgwj77 »

I would just like to add my support to this - I've only been using FB for a couple of years, but it is fabulous and so useful. Thank you rednoah!
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