Specials not getting season/episode info?

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Specials not getting season/episode info?

Post by scf »

Filebot 4.9.7, MacOS UI version.

With rename format:

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{n}, s{s}e{e.pad(2)}, "{t}"
Fetching from The TVDB (yes I have an active account), I always get "se" returned for the specials/episodes string. Regular episodes are correct.

Did something change? I would swear this format worked back in the 3.x days.

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Re: Specials not getting season/episode info?

Post by rednoah »

Special Episodes do not have an {e} episode number (never have I think, but my memory doesn't quite go back all the way to 3.x) instead they have a {special} special number.

:idea: You'll want to use built-in bindings such as {s00e00} that take care of these things, special episode numbers, use "Season 0" for special episodes, absolute episodes, multi-episodes, etc:

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:idea: You can check bindings and corresponding values like so:

:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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