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I currently use the FileBot macOS app every so often and have never used the terminal commands, which I very unfamiliar with. I have one single show that is DVR'd via Channels DVR M-F of each of each week and the naming conventions for Channels DVR are not ideal for use with Plex. Within the FileBot UI I have "preset" that works exactly how I want it to in order to rename shows and place them into appropriate folders for Plex.

I want FileBot to monitor a single folder and run that "preset" everyday at a specific time. Is this something I can easily accomplish?
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Re: Automation?

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Presets allow you to set a predefined input folder and a keyboard shortcut, so you can streamline the process somewhat, but you can't get around opening FileBot and running a Presets. This is the limit of automation as far as the FileBot Desktop application is concerned.

Unattended automation is possible, but requires some familiarity with the command-line and shell scripting:

Running once a day on a schedule will again require some familiarity with corresponding tools, be it cron or Automator Calendar Workflows, etc. You will struggle if you're new to command-line scripting. But if you have a tech-savvy friend that can help you step by step, then it's fairly easy.
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