Issues with Apple Store

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Issues with Apple Store

Post by castrezana »

I bought Filebot at the Apple Store in 2017, with the account "MyName". But one day the Apple rules changed, and I had to change to "MyName@myemail dot com".

This week I moved to a new Mac and I can't download Filebot anymore with the new account. Can you help me to fix it? I have the invoice to prove.

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Re: Issues with Apple Store

Post by rednoah »

:idea: If you have a problem with your purchase history, then only Apple Support can help you. Unfortunately, we have no control over or insight into into your Apple account / purchase history / refunds / etc. Your customer relationship is with Apple and Apple alone for better or worse.

:?: What does the App Store say when you try to reinstall FileBot with your account?
rednoah wrote: 28 Aug 2022, 03:44 :idea: If you have purchased FileBot via the Mac App Store then you must log into the Mac App Store with your Apple Account and then install FileBot from there:

FileBot on the Mac App Store

:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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