eBook renaming utility similar to FileBot? Anyone???

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eBook renaming utility similar to FileBot? Anyone???

Post by Mech_Man »

I use FileBot a LOT. After learning how to use it to it's capabilities, it's an exceptionally well written and very useful tool to keep my movie and TV library named, and even more importantly, those names are accurate and consistently formatted. This is because of it's ability to parse the file names into possible matches, then quickly compares them to recognized and credible databases (theTVDb, etc.).

I would love to find a utility that could do this for eBooks, of which I have more than a few. (Just skim www.gutenberg.org and easily add 500 to your collection). But there's no easily identifiable standard for naming books from this and other sources, so it can be a chore to take them and tweak them one author and one series at a time.
Example: The format I've standardized on is, LASTNAME, Firstname - [Series name 33] - Title of the Book, The (pub date).epub
(All caps to the last name so it's visibly obvious that it's been renamed into my format).
This computer-sorts to the reading order, making it the most convenient of all the naming formats I've seen.

If you have the actual book, then Readerware is awesome at going online to a bunch of sites (Amazon, Barns and Noble, and a dozen others), with a bar-code scanned UPC or ISBN number and extracting all the rest of the info you'd ever need all into one database. Scan the back of 100 newly acquired books, hit the "go" button, and after a few minutes, the database is fully updated. It really helped me track my 2,000+ book (dead-tree) library.
But pulling the ISBN number out of an epub is beyond my capacity, and not all of them list that inside anyway.

QUESTION: Does anyone know of a program that can do this?
I know I could use Calibre: Import the books, then go over each one, letting it choose the best match of title, author, series, etc. But it copies over the entire book and would bloat out the Calibre library database well beyond what I want to do. And each new copy would need the metadata human-reviewed to correct series numbers, etc. All I want is to rename the files, not make copies. This will be my fall-back if nobody knows any other utility that just renames.
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Re: eBook renaming utility similar to FileBot? Anyone???

Post by rednoah »

Plain File Mode can be used to rename and organise *.epub files to some degree.

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Re: eBook renaming utility similar to FileBot? Anyone???

Post by PriamX »

Old thread, I know. But I use this:


Not near as slick as FileBot, or even Calibre for that matter. But it does reference online sources for metadata in the renaming process (provided it can find the ISBN), and although not entirely intuitive you can specify a renaming template. It's CLI-based, no GUI.
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