Automation rename and move on Synology

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Automation rename and move on Synology

Post by Leucos »

Hi everybody,

I am a noob with scripting. Can someone help me?

My installation is like that:

Jdownloader on the Synology:

Download-folder = /volume1/Downloads/Fertig/


My movies and series are stored in: /volume1/Media/


Filebot-Watcher in Docker on the Synology

Now I need a script to rename the movies and series in the download folder and move them to the folder/folders in /volume1/Media/

Thanks for your help
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Re: Automation rename and move on Synology

Post by rednoah »

:arrow: The easiest solution is to have JDownloader move completed downloads to some specific folder, and then set up a scheduled task via FileBot Node to process all the files in that folder (and move them to another folder) once a day. Please read the Unattended Automation with FileBot Node guide for details and step by step instructions.

:arrow: Advanced users may prefer to integrate FileBot with JDownloader via Event Scripter directly. You will need basic Linux skills though. See JDownloader Setup for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X for details.
:idea: Please read the FAQ and How to Request Help.
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